Oakland | Custom Chandelier

Inspired by the visionary painter Jackson Pollock, this pattern design was envisioned by Chloe Warner of Redmond Aldrich Design for a dramatic dining room lampshade. The concept was a fun challenge, as it called for an energetic, organic pattern on a rounded surface. Mixing just the right combination of paint and thinner and developing a calligraphy-like set of strokes in just the right density, precision was key - no drips allowed and no second chances on linen! 

scope textile design, painted samples, hand-painted linen chandelier shade

Interiors by Redmond Aldrich Design | Private Residence, Oakland Ca

South Van Ness | Custom Chinoiserie

Ceiling chinoiserie in an adorably tiny mission bath? Challenge accepted. Using customized mural paints and glazes for moisture protection, the homeowner and I were excited to emphasize the vivid color and painterly gestures of traditional chinoiserie in lieu of wallpaper in an unexpected setting. Introducing watercolor and calligraphy inspired techniques throughout our wallpaper mural, the graphic black and white pattern was designed to wrap up the walls and across the entire ceiling of the space for utmost wow factor.

scope  concept development, pattern design, layout, color renderings, color samples, hand-painting on site, mural installation, photography